Q1: Volvo Vocom 88890300 Program is not up to date online. Easy methods to accomplish after you redesign your program?

I bought VOLVO VOCOM upon February 2015. We install your PTT you. 12 upon XP method and function gradually. But these days, Ive up to date your Tt you. 12 program on the most recent edition but realize We have the subsequent malfunction:

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Attached conversation unit 88890020/88840133/88890300updated.
Your program inside conversation unit 88890020/88840133/88890300 also needs to often be up to date to get appropriate.
Discover your Technological Tool help record to get directions upon easy methods to redesign your program.
The following program and option would be just for purchaser exactly who redesign your PTT1. 12 program. If you do not redesign. Simply just use the PTT1. 12 program contains your DISC upon XP notebook.
you) download our own WIN7 method:
couple of) observe video to install your win7 method:
a few) after carried out, far better do not hook up online in this notebook, to avoid redesign the item again
some) download the following you. 12 program, and observe your video inside to install again:scan tool obd2
Q2: Good day, I bought your Volvo Vocom Interface Program Video games mounted around notebook and EXT harddrive received the item recuperate because recommendations. As soon as reboot your notebook, glass windows going in order to open up, But received blue filter. Indicating a aspect require is definitely unassailable.

A2: Adjust a persons notebook in order to ACHI style. you will remedy of which issue.